Reminding ministers of the gospel of the power of the gospel, so that they would be effective and fruitful in living the gospel.

Are you currently in ministry, training for ministry, or transitioning out of ministry?

CBL is here to help.

CBL & The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Serving those who are preparing to serve the local church in the United States and throughout the world. 

CBL's Founding Family

 Tom and Robyn Scott have devoted their lives to serve ministers of the gospel. 


I asked for assistance from The Center for Biblical Living because of my addiction to porn. God used CBL to help restore my marriage and my relationship with Jesus. 

Male Seminary Student

I do not exaggerate when I say that the Lord used CBL to save our marriage. CBL opened our eyes to the gospel and how we so badly needed it — how badly we needed a Savior. Only when we were reminded of our own sin and God’s grace, were we able to start extending forgiveness and begin healing from  years of bitterness and anger toward one another. I am forever grateful to CBL.

Student Couple