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How many people in ministry have you seen get burned out?

How many families have you seen overburdened by the weight of ministry?

Often the people doing ministry aren’t ministered to themselves.

CBL exists to do just that.

Seminary Students

CBL provides biblical counseling and mentoring for those training for ministry.

Ministry Leaders

CBL provides biblical counseling for ministry leaders.  

“I asked for assistance from The Center for Biblical Living because of my addiction to porn. God used CBL to help restore my marriage and my relationship with Jesus.”

~ Seminary Student ~

“The counsel that CBL gave helped tear away at the layers of years and years of sinful behavior and consequences. I recognize that it is only by the grace and hand of God that a person’s life is changed but I am also aware that God uses people and circumstances in that process.”

~ Pastor ~

Tom and Robyn were so helpful in walking me through a process that I was essentially crawling around blind in. They had me read scripture and discover for myself (with help) what aspects of the issue were my sin, and what the Bible had to say. Counseling was not negligent of the practical aspect either; I almost always had work to do during the week. This helped me to “disciple myself for the purpose of godliness”, and to be able to deal with difficulties better-equipped in the future.

~ Seminary Student ~

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