Our Beliefs

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide biblical guidance and counseling for ministers of the gospel, reminding them of the power of the gospel, so that they will be effective and fruitful in living the gospel in their families, churches, and communities.  


Our Approach to Counseling

The Center for Biblical Living utilizes biblical counseling as our counseling methodology. Biblical counseling is the process by which one sinner helps another sinner grow in holiness (devotion to God), through the practical application of the Scripture to specific areas of suffering, sin, or lack of knowledge.

For more details on our beliefs you may view our Doctrinal, Confessional, and Gender and Sexuality Statements here.

Our Partnerships

We currently partner with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a number of local churches in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  As our ministry grows we envision partnering with local churches, church planting and mission organizations, and seminaries around the world.