Faithful Parent

It’s been a while since we read a book together. Reading books out loud together is something we challenge couples to do quite often. This practice causes us to spend time together learning something important to us, as well as provides an opportunity for instant feedback, creating conversation.  Some couples don’t want to create conversation but without it your marriage will eventually crumble.

We are only a few chapters into a book called, The Faithful Parent, by Stuart Scott and Martha Peace. The premise of the book has helped me as a father tremendously, by helping me to focus my energy on my primary purposes as a father. The authors state, “Parents have two primary biblical responsibilities toward their children, to bring them up: (1) in the discipline of the Lord, and (2) in the instruction of the Lord…The parents are to teach their children (as faithfully as the parents can) to think biblically about God, man, Satan, the world, and life…Parents are not the only ones in the family who can glorify God through being faithful. If the child is a Christian, he or she can do so, too.  Like parents, children have two basic biblical responsibilities: (1) to obey their parents, and (2) to honor their parents.” Seems pretty simple. Well, anyone with children knows that parenting is anything but simple.

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