Couples Connection

                 Couples Connection is space designated in our newsletter space to introduce you to some of the many couples we are privileged to know and serve here at Southern Seminary.  This month you’ll be introduced to Jason and Jennifer.  I first met with Jason January 9, 2013.  He came to work through the sexual sin in his life that he had dealt with for half his life.  Below is an email that Jason has allowed us to share with you.


It’s amazing the difference in my life now from a year ago.  I had no idea how degraded my mind had become from the trash going into it–that was just the norm for me.  The last year has not been perfect–there were about three times when I fell to temptation.  (I spoke with you about at least a couple of those, if not all three.)  But, I repented and confessed and got back on track.  Before, I only occasionally experienced any victory at all, and even then it was always short lived.  Now it’s the opposite.  While I am still tempted at times, temptations seem to be, well, less tempting!

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